My practice explores my position (both physical location and place in social/economic hierarchies) within an urban space. I create landscape paintings that grapple with the abject setting of the aging industrial landscape, the growing expanse of the American urban-scape, and environmental issues resulting from energy production in the LA area. Ultimately this fascination is focused on how cities are massively unpredictable, temporal, self-organizing systems in which we live and navigate. My paintings are a visual construction of the “city as an organism” metaphor, which makes correlations between institutional and botanical structures, and aptly illustrates the unintended patterns and mutations in an urban system.  The accumulation of imagery and painted layers becomes an assemblage; a notion of the “whole” city from many discreet fragments of perception. The work is a critique of modernist notions of progress, and looks at the demand for, and dependency on, energy and the physical effects on the built and natural landscape.